I am planning to do a project on data hiding using codeword substitution in encrypted video.

So as an enhancement I am planning to use this data hiding technique for tampering detection, for which I'll be extracting some information from the frames and will be hiding it in a selected frame.

I am actually using the concept of digital signature. The thing is that I am in search of a data to hide. A data which has to be extracted from the frames for verification on the receiver side.

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I hope I'm understanding you correctly:

What you want to do is hide data in the encrypted version of a video?

That will break everything. Simple as that. A very important aspect to good encryption is that a small change in the cleartext data (your unencrypted video) will result in a completely changed encrypted video; the same applies in the other direction -- you change a bit in your encrypted video stream, you completely break at least one block of cleartext data. That's not hiding -- in fact, it's the opposite.

Hence, I think your approach is mathematically doomed; but maybe, I'm just misunderstanding.


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