I have two cameras of which I know focal length, principal point, rotation and position. The cameras are in an ideal parallel stereo system.

I want to know with as few calculations as possible how much the images of these cameras overlap (let's say a percentage).

I am trying to follow a guide called Creating correct stereo pairs from any raytracer, but I cannot find how to set aperture and eye separation to find delta.

Can I do it with my current data? Or is there a better way to know how much the camera images overlap?


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I'd recommend looking at image stitching algorithms. Even though you don't want to actually combine the images into one, that's still essentially what you're doing.

You might even be able to use an off-the-shelf stitching algorithm to get a rough measure. e.g. If the stitched image is 100 pixels wide, and your two source images are 80 pixels wide, then horizontally you have a 60 pixel overlap.


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