I have written this MATLAB function to plot the impulse response. But it doesn't give me the desired output (impulse function). I am new to MATLAB. Can anyone tell me where i went wrong with the code?

   function [] = impulse() 
     title('impulse response');

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In your code there is no end statement for the loop.There should be an end statement after the end for the if statement.Also x=1 inside the if condition converts the x vector into a vector of length 1.It should be changed as x(i+11)=1.Then the code works to give you a plot of a delta function


If you write zeros(length(t)) you are creating a matrix with length(t) rows and length(t) columns. Instead, you should write zeros(1, length(t)) in order to have an array. Also you don't need a for loop. Try this:

   t = -10:1:10;
   x = zeros(1, length(t));
   x(t==0) = 1;

However, an end is missing in your code, because both if and for need it, and you should write x(i) in order to insert 1 in that specific position.

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