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I am completely stuck on solving some problems for my digital communications class. Junior level undergrad class, so fairly basic. I have been searching around all day for related articles etc but can't seem to find any that are helpful. Any help would be much appreciated. Here are the three questions

For the coefficients my initial hunch is just to make c2 and c3 = 0, which would leave

yhat[1] = y[1]

My other attempt is to create a system of equations so the x[2] terms are cancelled and the x[1] terms are the only ones left over, but this system proves difficult to me and I am left with a mess of noise. For some reason I can only get two equations with three unknowns.

c3= -3 * c2
c1 + 1/3 * c2 + 1/4* c3 = 1

where c1,c2,c3 are constants

--OK so I think I solved question 1, I ended up getting c1=1, c2= 1/3, c3 = 1/4 for part a

and ((169/144)* SNR)/((4/13)*SNR + 1) = SINR for part b.

Moving on to question 2, part a I got what I was attempting to do above, c3 = -3 * c2.

Unfortunately I am stuck again on part B because I fail to see how the coefficients would affect the SINR if we just want to solve for X[1]


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