Is there a simple technique to watermark .wav audio files?

So that a third person that receives them could check the authencity of the file.

I'm trying to come with ideas for a school project. So I should mainly use techniques from a first course in digital signal processing (DFT, Spectogram, Cepstrum).

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    $\begingroup$ Search github and google for code examples & answers to help better scope your question. It is too broad. $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 18, 2015 at 14:23

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Audio watermarking is a technique that relies on inaudible cues. Humans can't really hear phase differences in low tones, if only because it's often delivered via a single bass speaker (i.e. because the HiFi setup physically eliminates the difference). This allows you to stuff information in the phases of the low-frequency parts of the left and right channel.

Exact details I'll leave to you - it's a school project after all - but you will be able to use the (I)DFT to access this phase information.


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