I am doing some project on medical image processing and I need some uncompressed medical images especially magnetic resonance angiography, vessel and so on. I have searched a lot but most of the available images are in JPEG format which is not a suitable format due to its lossy compression. Do you know any free dataset which have uncompressed medical images especially those mentioned?


The problem you are most likely having is that you need to search for files in the correct format. DICOM is what you need to look for. A few hits:

  1. One example
  2. A library from a DICOM viewer software producer
  3. A library of images from Siemens

You will also need a DICOM viewer.
Image J is free (non-commercial, no restrictions on use) and can be used under Windows, Mac, and Linux - it does require Java.
There are other viewers available, free as well as commercial. Just search for DICOM viewers.


In order to understand this question better, please see the question What are characteristics of different MR images?.

Summary about MR images in medicine

  1. Standford volume data archieve

  2. Physionet

  3. DICOM

and Data analytics in life sciences discusses the usage of bigdata in medicine and profiting from it (restricted access).

More on Medical data: Bigdata, Personal data, ...

Similar questions, perhaps similar goals

  1. Why is machine learning not more widely used for medical diagnosis

  2. Where do medical researchers get their data from? and here

  3. Medical voxel data?

  4. Data.Medicare.gov on nursing data, physician data, ...

Other medical data, general, perhaps relevant

  1. Image analysis on brain such as neuron detection

  2. RCSB about structural view on proteins and BioBlender on its visualisation

  3. Physiological signals and here

More curiosity, data, future research


You have another famous and important source of information, the so well known DICOM Library. Intending for anonymization, the DICOM Library is sharing and viewing of DICOM Standard online.

For instance, if you want a parser to it you have the DICOM Parser in Go repository. It is a DICOM Parser developed in the Go Programming Language.


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