I performed bicubic interpolation on a 256*256 image(img)

 dest = interp2(img,'bicubic')

and i got a 511 * 511 image.I want to compute PSNR of a 512 * 512 image(original) and the 'dest' image as follows

original = double(original);
dest = double(dest);
[M N] = size(original);
error = original - dest;
MSE = sum(sum(error .* error)) / (M * N);

if(MSE > 0)
PSNR = 10*log(255*255/MSE) / log(10);
disp(['PSNR = ', num2str(PSNR)])
PSNR = 99;
disp(['PSNR = ', num2str(PSNR)])

But I'm getting error due to different matrix dimensions.How to avoid this error.Is it possible to calculate PSNR of images with different size?Please help


When interpolating, why not use the same size as the image to compare with:

% some random inputs
original = rand(435,782);
img = rand(100,200);
% position where to interpolate
[x,y] = meshgrid(linspace(1,size(img,2),size(original,2)),linspace(1,size(img,1),size(original,1)));
% interpolate
dest = interp2(img,x,y,'bicubic');
% display size of result

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