I need to do a DFE for QPSK simulation in MATLAB. The system consists of a QPSK signal transmitted with power = 1 which is then pulse shaped with a square raised-cosine filter. Add AWGN and a filter receptor with ISI = [0.25 1 0.25].

Summarizing and clarifying, the sequence is:

QPSK signal -> Upsample -> Rcosine -> AWGN -> ISI [0.25 1 0.25] -> Downsample -> DFE -> BER counting.

I have coded the algorithm, with guidance from Dig. Comm. Lee-M., but I am thinking about problems with the Feed-Forward filter. The objetive is to obtain a signal with NO ISI, and the correct BER for a given SNR.

The code is:

% DFE.
% Gain
% Coefficients init. Ck for FFE and Dk for DFE
ck(7)=1;               % Last tap for FFE=1

% Signal to filtering
rk=zeros(1,tapsffe);  % Signal to filter in FFE
ak=zeros(1,tapsdfe);  % Signal to filter in DFE

% Filtered signal, and correspondings error

for k=1:n

    rk = [s6(k), rk(1:tapsffe-1)]; % FILTERING in FFE

    % Output from Feed-Forward and FeedBack
    ykf = sum(rk.*ck);
    ykd = sum(ak.*dk);
    yk = ykf-ykd;

    % Slicer for QPSK. sqrt(2) for POWER = 1.
    dec = (-1*(real(yk)<0)+1*(real(yk)>=0) + 1i*(-1*(imag(yk)<0)+1*(imag(yk)>=0)))/sqrt(2);

    % Obtained value for filter ecualized signal
    s7(k) = dec;   

    % Error:
    error = dec-yk;
    e7(k) = error;

    % Coefficient adaptation
    ck = ck - betaf*error*conj(rk); 
    dk = dk + betab*error*conj(ak);

    % FILTERING for Feedback filter with SLICER decisions
    ak = [dec, ak(1:tapsdfe-1)];

Apparently I have problems with the FFE, because I do not see ck taps to accommodate to the inverse of the channel response with ISI. I have little doubt of its coefficients adaptation. Signal for BETA, and adaptation for ck with the corresponding rk, or the fliplr coefficient...

  • $\begingroup$ What do "DFE" and "FFE" stand for? $\endgroup$ – Jim Clay Oct 12 '14 at 20:14
  • $\begingroup$ DFE: Decision feedback equalizer. FFE: Feed-Forward equalizer. $\endgroup$ – eduardo.sufan Oct 12 '14 at 21:25

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