I hear the word warp a lot, but cannot quite get a feel for what it really means
I suppose it's literal meaning would be to change in shape, but what does it mean with respect to DSP?
More specifically, I have a DSP chip manual that says a certain parameter adjusts warp for DACs and another one that adjusts warp for ADCs. What does warp mean in this context?
If possible, please explain it without technical jargon.


I've never really heard of "warp" regarding ADCs or DACs, but I imagine it's because the analog-to-digital (or vise versa) mapping function, which is supposed to be linear, a straight line, is curved slightly due to variation in parts. I don't see how this would happen with sigma-delta ADCs or DACs (unless the summer at the input with the delta feedback is non-linear). but with an R-2R DAC, if the R's aren't all perfectly the same, the digital-to-analog mapping function will not be a straight line. For a flash ADC, if all of the resistors in the voltage divider line are not all perfectly equal, that analog-to-digital mapping function will also not be linear and would be "warped".

If, somehow, one can measure or determine the "warpness" of the mapping function, I suppose it can be compensated in the DSP software.


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