I'm looking for implementation of MPEG-7 descriptors which are compatible with OpenCV's recent versions and containing "region-based shape descriptor ART(Angular Radial Transformation)".

I encountered an stackoverflow question which had very informative answers:

Link in one answer was containing only the following descriptors:

  • Color Structure Descriptor (CSD)
  • Scalable Color Descriptor (SCD)
  • GoF/GoP Color Descriptor (GoF/GoP)
  • Color Layout Descriptor (CLD)
  • Dominant Color Descriptor (DCD)
  • Homogeneous Texture Descriptor (HTD)
  • Edge Histogram Descriptor (EHD)
  • Face Recognition Descriptor (FRD)

Link in another answer was looking too outdated and wasn't containing documentation.

If there is another implementation I would like to go through it.

Thank you.


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