I am trying to estimate the fundamental frequency in a signal to corroborate the result which I have got by FPGA implementation of an FFT algorithm. Hence, could someone give me some idea how to do so?

  • Count the time interval between zero-crossings (if the waveform/SNR allows...).
  • Autocorrelation, average magnitude difference function and their variants (YIN...).
  • Estimating the parameters of a damped sinusoids model (MUSIC/ESPRIT).
  • Several instances of Goertzel algorithm, or more generally other filterbanks (band-pass, comb) - in case there is only a small number of candidate frequencies that you want to discriminate.
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  • $\begingroup$ Could you give me some sources or links to papers using these algorithms ? $\endgroup$ – user10342 Jun 27 '14 at 13:37

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