I see these terms everyday in every lecture, I do read stuff from wikipedia, follow lecture notes, study solved exercises. All in all I do have a rough idea about these, I know a little from everything, but the picture is not complete, far from complete, I would like to understand all of them and improve myself because in 2 weeks I will have an exam, is there a website which you can suggest, describing these very well? Animations would be great, I'm clueless from where shall I start and how do I close all these gaps :(


You did not posed any particular problems and asking for animations? I think that books are way better. We don't know what are your topics, but knowing you did all the studying and have two weeks so I suggest to:

  • Do the ELEC301x – Discrete Time Signals and Systems course from the Rice University. They do have a good part about design of digital filters, especially about differences between different topologies (including placement of zeros and poles), just watch.

  • Design few filters in MATLAB, do some filtering and try to understand their characteristics. fvtool is great, especially if you want to visualize anything you need.

  • Do the exams from past and if you feel confident then just go for a pint!

  • Read all the questions and answers on DSP SE regarding digital filters ;)

Yep, and after typing into google "digital filter applet" for example you can get: link1, link2, link3.

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