I'm trying to find the count of horizontal columns in an ordered image (a sprite image that is used to generate an animated image):

Sprited dino

From this image, I'm trying to generate a meta-data file like so:

"frames": 12, 
"cols": 6, 
"width": 102, 
"height": 89

Frames would be the total count of "elements" in the image, columns is the horizontal column count, and width/height is for the individual "element" and can be calculated, once you know the column count.

What I Have Already

I've been using numpy/scipy/python mainly since I am a Python guy, but not too experienced with scipy.

This answer showed me how to get the total count of elements in an image and got me this far ipython:

ipython count

Where I'm Stuck

On most simple images, the ndimage.label works well, but once the image gets too dense, it seems to fall apart.

I've tried using a kind of line-by-line average of the file: subtract 1 horizontal line, get the ndimage.label count of total elements in the picture, then keeping subtract the whole image to build buckets and calc the average std deviation for the image; which would be the horizontal count. But this still isn't accurate on dense images like this: http://asktherelic.com/priv/npc_bundle_of_joy__x1_talk_png_1354839566.png

Would anyone have suggestions for a better algorithm or counting method? Thanks!

For ease of hacking I have a zip with the ipython notebook and sample images available here: http://asktherelic.com/priv/sprite_sample.zip

And it looks something like this currently: http://asktherelic.com/priv/sprite_sample.html


Using any image processing library, here is the simple step

  1. Threshold invert with high value will give you each object as a contour.

  2. Now process each contour and find centre of mass.

  3. Then sort contour by co-ordinates.

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    $\begingroup$ Or just look for vertical lines of empty pixels and count how many of those there are $\endgroup$ – Aaron May 20 '14 at 16:38

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