I have come across TI's C6000/Integra. I want to know is there any other similar or better ARM+DSPs available. Specially for surveillance/vehicle number plate recognition etc. Having camera input at least for VGA.

Link: TI's-Integra

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  • $\begingroup$ it will be hard to get a 'list of all' processors but nevertheless interesting to see what other people use $\endgroup$ – anasimtiaz Feb 13 '12 at 15:09

As you mention other non-ARM options in the comments, here's a few:

  • Blackfin
  • Xilinx's Zynq (ARM+FPGA)
  • Altera also do a similar ARM+FPGA
  • Some of Freescale's i.MX51 processors might be suitable (ARM+co-processor, not a true DSP) - although I'm not sure if there's out-of-the-box surveillance software
  • And of course, there's always the PC+GPU option, depending on your power, cost, size, weight constraints

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