I am working on Speckle reduction in ultrasound images. I read a paper (snapshot of that paper is included below) where they have used a metric called beta metric which indicates the edge preserving capability of the filters. I tried to implement it using the equation (7) provided in the below snapshot.

Beta Metrics

This is the code.

 %---Beta Calculation
    h = fspecial('laplacian');
    I1 = imfilter(Orig_Image,h);
    I2 = imfilter(Esti_Image,h);
    I_1 = mean2(I1);
    I_2 = mean2(I2);
    metrics.Beta = sum(sum((I1 - I_1).*(I2 - I_2)))./(sqrt(sum(((I1 - I_1).^2).*((I2 - I_2).^2))));

As you can see that the beta value is a single value [1x1] vector in Table 2 inside the snapshot. But when I run my code, I get beta value of size 1x256 for a 256x256 image. Is my code wrong? How to implement the given equation (7) correctly in MATLAB? Please help.


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The correct code is

metrics.Beta = sum(sum((I1 - I_1).*(I2 - I_2)))./(sqrt(sum(sum((I1 - I_1).^2))).*(sum(sum((I2 - I_2).^2))));

The reference you have shown is incorrect, reffr paper:

2013 August Gregorio - ‘A suitable threshold for speckle reduction in ultrasound images’, IEEE transactions on instrumentations and measurement


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