I am looking for a way to completely describe which kind of digital filters I used to process my data, although it seems only few publications in general report all the details.

I think I should describe at least

  • Which type of filter was applied (low-pass, high-pass, etc).
  • Cutoff frequencies
  • IIR / FIR
  • Phase response?
  • How the filter was designed?
  • Transition bands

Also, I would like to know the attenuation is reported? Sometimes it is written that attenuation was x dB per octave, how does one calculate that?

I'm using MATLAB's fdatool for filter design + command filtfilt (zero-phase) to do the filtering. Basicly I would like to cover all the selections I made.


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Five of those (low/high-pass, cutoff freq, and IIR/FIR, how the filter was designed, attenuation) can be easily described using words or numbers. The others (phase response, transition bands) are often better described with a picture.

I would recommend describing those five "describable" characteristics and, if appropriate, put pictures of the phase and magnitude response along with the actual filter taps in an appendix or something.


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