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Technic Technique to detect Pitchpitch after analysing only one pitch period?

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Technic to detect Pitch after analysing only one pitch period?

does anyone know if there is a technic to estimate the pitch of a given signal by analysing only one pitch period.

I'm asking because I read about a program called AudioMotors. https://lesound.io/product/audiomotors-pro/ If I'm right, you can load in a recording of your car, where you recorded the rpm from idle constantly rising to max rpm. Then you can jump to any position u want and hold the rpm at this point. There are a lot more features this program provides. But I'm only interested in the part where you can hold a chosen rpm and let it sound pretty good.

I'm not an expert in dsp but I thought you can jump to a position you want. Then you select a few samples. From these samples you have to estimate the pitch of the first period and match the pitch of all following pre selected samples (pitch scaling). After this you can loop these samples and not hear any pitch change. And maybe let it sound ok.

If you can help me with this or have any suggestions on how to program a "light" version of AudioMotors pls let me know.

Thanks in advance.