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Dec 31 '17 at 22:39 comment added T.C. Proctor @PrabinRai negative frequencies and imaginary frequencies are very different. An imaginary frequency turns an oscillating, bounded complex exponential into an exponentially increasing (or decreasing) ordinary exponential. A negative frequency, as the answers below indicate, refers to the "handedness" of the oscillation. They are still bounded functions, so I imagine it would still be "stable".
May 25 '17 at 18:35 comment added Prabin Rai After reading all the physical significances of the negative frequencies, I got more confused. I am a chemist. I deal with molecules. The negatives frequencies indicate the instability in the molecules or, in other words, saddle points on the potential energy surface. A stable molecule should have no imaginary frequencies, a transition state should have one (1st order saddle point). Why not stable molecule should have negative frequencies (imaginary frequencies) after all it is the complementary to the real frequency.
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