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Top new questions this week:

How can I prove that convolution of two energy signals is an energy signal?

In other words, how can I show that if we feed an energy signal to a system whose impulse response is an energy signal, the output will also be an energy signal? I've been trying using Rayleigh's ...

asked by Mohammad Amin Rami 3 votes
answered by Laurent Duval 2 votes

What would be an example for a continuous signal from "daily life"?

Please share an answer with a simple example from the "daily" (colloquial) lives of humans for a signal which is "continuous" and explain what is it that rigorously makes it "...

asked by Alkalix 2 votes
answered by Laurent Duval 2 votes

Non-Uniformly Partitioned Convolution Implementation

I've succeded in implementing the uniformly partitioned convolution algorithm and now I'm looking to implement the non-uniformly partitioned version. I've had no luck with running parallel threads on ...

audio convolution audio-processing real-time c  
asked by Juan F. 2 votes
answered by ZR Han 1 vote

Check whether a system has memory or not

My question is whether the systems below are memoryless or not: $1.) \ y(t)=K$ where $K$ is a constant $2.) \ y(t) = x(t_0) $ where $t_0$ is a constant So, from the definition I have been using so far ...

continuous-signals system-identification dynamic-system  
asked by user35508 2 votes
answered by Matt L. 1 vote

Which Programming Language Should Be Used for Deep Learning (Deep Neural Network [DNN])?

I will do voice activity detection and speech enhancement based deep neural network. However, I don't know whether to do this via matlab or pyhton. In which programming language can I find more ready-...

matlab python speech-processing machine-learning deep-learning  
asked by Zang Li 2 votes
answered by Royi 2 votes

Relation between the plots of the spectrum of real signals X+jY separately and its absolute |X+jY|

I am looking forward to understand FFT more deeply. While testing with code and math I found I am having a problem in understanding two points. First we can give to the input of FFT only $x$ or $jy$ ...

asked by Mour_Ka 1 vote
answered by Richard Lyons 1 vote

How can I use an irrational transfer function to convolve a signal?

I have the irrational transfer function $$H(s)=\mathrm{e}^{-a\sqrt{s}}$$ With the inverse Laplace transform $$ h(t) = \frac{a\,\mathrm{e^{-a^2/(4t)}}}{2\sqrt{\pi}~t^{3/2}} $$ For $a > 0$ How can I ...

matlab filters convolution transfer-function control-systems  
asked by Crataegus 1 vote
answered by Hilmar 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between SNR and PSNR

I understood that SNR is the ratio of signal power to the noise power. In terms of images, how the original image is affected by the added noise. In PSNR, we take the square of the peak value in the ...

asked by Premnath D 19 votes
answered by Phonon 18 votes

Deriving the Fourier transform of cosine and sine

In this answer, Jim Clay writes: ... use the fact that $\mathcal F\{\cos(x)\} = \frac{\delta(w - 1) + \delta(w + 1)}{2}$ ... The expression above is not too different from $\mathcal F\{{\cos(2\pi ...

continuous-signals fourier  
asked by pyler 10 votes
answered by Dilip Sarwate 17 votes

Simplest way of detecting where audio envelopes start and stop

Below is a signal which represents a recording of someone talking. I would like to create a series of smaller audio signals based on this. The idea being to detect when 'important' sound starts and ...

filters audio filter-design  
asked by Eric Brotto 46 votes
answered by Phonon 27 votes

What is the first derivative of Dirac delta function?

Could you please help me in a simple way, what is the first derivative of a Dirac delta function? I found this answer: The informal answer is a positive Delta function immediately followed by a ...

continuous-signals math derivative  
asked by Amro Goneim 11 votes
answered by Matt L. 17 votes

Stationary vs non-stationary signals?

There are nice technical definitions in textbooks and wikipedia, but I'm having a hard time understanding what differentiates stationary and non-stationary signals in practice? Which of the following ...

discrete-signals stationary  
asked by matousc 24 votes
answered by A_A 31 votes

Shifting Sequences Using MATLAB

I'm reading the book Vinay Ingle, John Proakis - Digital Signal Processing Using MATLABĀ® (3rd Edition) and I came across a function to shift sequences. Mathematically, $$ y(n) = \{x(n-k) \} $$ if $...

matlab discrete-signals  
asked by CroCo 4 votes

Group delay of the FIR filter

For an FIR filter, with symmetrical tap values $h[N-1-n]=h[n]$, why is the group delay $\frac{N-1}{2} T$ (where $N$ is the number of taps of the FIR filter and $T$ is the sampling time)? Why is ...

filters filter-design finite-impulse-response linear-phase  
asked by Jayesh Parmar 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Mismatch between the frequency response of a transfer function and bode plot

I generate a state space model as follows (The details are not important. This part is used to get matrix A_xi and B_xi and the state space model is xi(k+1) = A_xi*xi(k)+B1_xi*u0(k); y(k) = x(k)): <...

matlab transfer-function frequency-response state-space bode  
asked by SoftSail 1 vote

Deconvolution: how to build Discrete-Time Impulse Response matrix?

I am reading a paper about the Hunt problem: Consider the iput given by $$e(t) = \mathrm{e}^{-\left(\frac{t-400}{75}\right)^2} - \mathrm{e}^{-\left(\frac{t-600}{75}\right)^2},\quad 0\leq t \leq 1025$$ ...

asked by ZYX 1 vote
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