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Top new questions this week:

Why is the CT inverse Fourier Transform also an integral?

Intuitively it seems that to get a function back that was integrated, you would take the derivative. Instead, with the Fourier Transform we take an area under a curve of a modified function, and to ...

user avatar asked by Yulia Score of 4
user avatar answered by Matt L. Score of 4

How do amateur (ham) radio noise reduction filters work?

Amateur radio receivers often have several types of audio filters, and a common one is simply called "Noise Reduction." Compared to notch filters, impulse filters, and adjustable bandpass ...

filters audio-processing  
user avatar asked by gschro Score of 3
user avatar answered by robert bristow-johnson Score of 1

HSI formula inconsistency in Gonzalez & Woods

I'm confused about how the book Digital Image Processing by Gonzalez & Woods explains HSI model. It includes a double cone-shaped space for the model (like the figure below) and says every color ...

image-processing color  
user avatar asked by Mehrin Score of 3

Audio EQ Cookbook Stability

I'm implementing 6 cascaded biquad peaking filters to make a 6-band EQ. In the system I want to calculate the coefficients on the fly (it's just gain thats changing, center frequency and BW aren't). I ...

audio infinite-impulse-response audio-processing stability biquad  
user avatar asked by Michael Beckwith Score of 3
user avatar answered by Hilmar Score of 2

Design of digital filters with negative group delay

I am currently working on digital filters that can predict my input signal(assume that input signal is bandlimited). In other words, I want my filter to have a flat magnitude response in bandwidth of ...

filter-design digital-filters group-delay linear-prediction  
user avatar asked by wanghr Score of 2
user avatar answered by Matt L. Score of 0

What does really Time Chirp contribute to Range and Doppler estimation in FMCW radar signal?

As I started researching FMCW radar signals, I discovered a popular reference code for FMCW simulation in Github. One of the most important things that I still don't understand is the parameters ...

matlab radar frequency-modulation  
user avatar asked by Rayzain Score of 2
user avatar answered by Envidia Score of 1

Reconstructing the original signal from its DFT

Hi I am a newbie to signal processing and I am trying to better understand how inverse DFT works under the hood. Consider this signal and its DFT: (Source) For the sake of this post, let's assume ...

fourier-transform dft  
user avatar asked by John Davies Score of 2
user avatar answered by Hilmar Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why so many methods of computing PSD?

Welch's method has been my go-to algorithm for computing power spectral density (PSD) of evenly-sampled timeseries. I noticed that there are many other methods for computing PSD. For example, in ...

frequency-spectrum power-spectral-density  
user avatar asked by nibot Score of 69
user avatar answered by Bryan Score of 89

Conjugation in Fourier Transform

I have a very simple question. In Oppenheim book, it says that: If CT Fourier transform of $x(t)$ is $X(j\omega)$ then, CT Fourier transform of $x^*(t)$ is $X^*(-j\omega)$. What I can't ...

fourier-transform conjugate  
user avatar asked by jason Score of 8
user avatar answered by Matt L. Score of 16

Step by Step Camera Pose Estimation for Visual Tracking and Planar Markers

I have been working on the topic of camera pose estimation for augmented reality and visual tracking applications for a while and I think that although there is a lot of detailed information on the ...

computer-vision homography camera-pose visual-tracking  
user avatar asked by Jav_Rock Score of 25
user avatar answered by Jav_Rock Score of 22

When are two signals orthogonal?

The classical definition of orthogonality in linear algebra is that two vectors are orthogonal, if their inner product is zero. I thought this definition might be applied to signals as well, but then ...

user avatar asked by user26311 Score of 14
user avatar answered by Tendero Score of 12

How to mimic/copy/fake someone's voice?

Is there any existing application to sample someone's voice and use it to modulate any other voice or synthesize a text to resemble the original one? For example, this Text-to-Speech Demo by AT&...

modulation voice  
user avatar asked by clapas Score of 21
user avatar answered by pichenettes Score of 27

Removing noisy lines from image - opencv - python

I want to process different type of image to extract actual text from noisy image .I am using open cv to do this job it is working fine but the problem is I need to set different lower threshold to ...

image-processing python opencv  
user avatar asked by Jeya Kumar Score of 9
user avatar answered by HKhoshdel Score of 5

How to get the FFT of a sine wave

I am trying to sample a sine wave and plot it's frequency components, but I am having problems implementing it.The result of taking 65536 samples of one cycle of a sine wave with max amplitude 1 and a ...

matlab fft  
user avatar asked by KillaKem Score of 4
user avatar answered by Ryan Johnson Score of 7

Can you answer these questions?

Early-Late TED in SDR

I am reading about Early Late TED from "Software Defined Radio using Matlab & Simulink and the RTL-SDR". This is from the book: Now I'm trying to understand the 11.7 formula in a 'for ...

user avatar asked by Nic Score of 1

STFT normalization

In Scipy's implementation of STFT, an argument allows to scale the result as a spectrum or as a psd : ...

stft scipy window normalization scaling  
user avatar asked by hugopb82 Score of 1

output of CIC filter is scaled by what frequency?

Suppose I have a CIC with a down sampling rate $R$, differential delay $M$, and number of sections $N$. My sample rate is $F_s$. If I pass a signal through my CIC I will down sample by $R$. If I plot ...

filters comb  
user avatar asked by CakeMaster Score of 1
user avatar answered by CakeMaster Score of 0
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