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Top new questions this week:

Moving from deterministic signals to stochastic signals in s-domain (Power Spectral Density)

Assume we have the following system (coming from control systems theory, hence in s-domain) $ Y(s) = H_A (s) \cdot A(s) - H_B (s) \cdot B(s) $ I now wish to consider $a(t)$ and $b(t)$ as white noise ...

power-spectral-density linear-systems laplace-transform random-process stochastic  
asked by XaserIII 3 votes
answered by Matt L. 3 votes

Extrapolation of sinusoidal signal

Let there be a discrete signal that is the sum of sinusoidals and can be described by $$s(n)=\sum_i A_i \mathrm{sin}(2\pi f_i \frac{n}{f_s}+\phi_i)$$ where $A_i, f_i, \phi_i$ are unknown but fixed ...

filters autoregressive-model extrapolation  
asked by SignalExtrapChicago 2 votes
answered by Engineer 2 votes

What do you call the random Gaussian vectors in compressed sensing?

Let $(e_i)_{1\leq i\leq M}$ be vectors with zero-mean i.i.d. entries from a Gaussian distribution. In a compressed-sensing setup, I have observed the collection of scalar products $(\langle x\, |\, ...

compressive-sensing soft-question  
asked by Zim 2 votes
answered by Laurent Duval 2 votes

Testing if a signal contains a specific previously recorded signal

I am working on a project that converts radio data and transcribes it into text looking for specific types of radio chatter. For most of the time, the radio signal is dead air. Periodically, there ...

audio signal-detection  
asked by Nucleon 2 votes
answered by Max 1 vote

Suitable signal processing techniques for frequency response functions?

Good day everyone I have recorded experimental frequency response functions (frfs) for a loose bolt monitoring project. Please see figure 1 below for an example of the frf. Figure 1 The purpose of my ...

frequency wavelet frequency-response  
asked by Cayle Kleynhans 2 votes
answered by girolamous 1 vote

Effect of One Sample Latency in Audio Application!

I am dealing with a customized processor that has a processing latency of one sample (20.8 microseconds) at 48kHz Sampling rate . What I would like to know is ...does this latency of one sample have ...

audio signal-detection dsp-core audio-processing  
asked by Clauvunate 1 vote
answered by Bob 1 vote

Weird ringing at signal start and end for default Matlab lowpass filter

**FIND UPDATES BELOW THE ORIGINAL QUESTION TEXT: I am trying to lowpass filter electrophysiological data and I see ringing near sharp transients at signal start and end. Ringing at start: Ringing at ...

matlab lowpass-filter  
asked by Anand Kulkarni 1 vote
answered by Hilmar 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Applying filter in scipy.signal: Use lfilter or filtfilt?

I saw in a SO thread a suggestion to use filtfilt which performs backwards/forwards filtering instead of lfilter. What is the ...

filters python infinite-impulse-response  
asked by Bar 25 votes
answered by endolith 34 votes

What are the most common algorithms for adaptive thresholding?

Adaptive thresholding has been discussed in a few questions earlier: Adaptive Thresholding for liver segmentation using Matlab What are the best algorithms for document image thresholding in this ...

image-processing thresholding  
asked by Dipan Mehta 39 votes
answered by penelope 24 votes

Comparison between Fourier transform, short time Fourier transform and wavelets

What is the difference between the Fourier transform, short time Fourier transform and wavelets?

fourier-transform wavelet short-time-ft  
asked by student 9 votes
answered by Jazzmaniac 14 votes

dB/hz to dB Conversion

I'm have a PSD graph of dB/hz vs. frequency in hz. I want to convert the dB/hz unit to dB, but I can't find any way of doing it. Help would be much appreciated!

fft power-spectral-density acoustics conversion  
asked by clarice 1 vote
answered by S Fateri 2 votes

Difference between Contrast and Intensity of an Image

I wanted to generate Gray Scale wedge image of 10 Levels in MATLAB and then increase and decrease its Intensity. By high intensity, I mean mapping increasing the level of gray scale intensity in an ...

image-processing matlab  
asked by Sufiyan Ghori 6 votes
answered by penelope 5 votes

Step by Step Camera Pose Estimation for Visual Tracking and Planar Markers

I have been working on the topic of camera pose estimation for augmented reality and visual tracking applications for a while and I think that although there is a lot of detailed information on the ...

computer-vision homography camera-pose visual-tracking  
asked by Jav_Rock 23 votes
answered by Jav_Rock 20 votes

Why is circular convolution used in DSP? Why not linear convolution?

Why are we using circular convolution in DSP? What's the main solid reason for the use of it in digital processing? Why does the concept of circular convolution come more often than linear ...

asked by vishaln 10 votes
answered by Fat32 9 votes

Can you answer these questions?

GnuRadio CC Decoder or How to use FEC Extended Decoder

I am currently trying to recover a satellite signal, encoded following CCSDS standards. This includes a convolutional code with rate 1/2 and constraint length 7. I am receiving the signal through an ...

deconvolution gnuradio viterbi-algorithm  
asked by valkyrie 1 vote
answered by gotchi85 0 votes

How to design a cosine filter for bpsk using liquid dsp?

I was trying to build a (B)PSK-63 modulator as my hobby project. Here is my code and the link to specs: How to modulate PSK63 with liquiddsp? Now it is working, but since I am using a NCO to shift the ...

filter-design bpsk  
asked by Jean Bodo 1 vote

Is Unsharp Mask (USM) Equivalent to Applying Laplacian of Gaussian Filter Directly on the Image?

There are some educational materials, like Alex Pan - CS 194-26: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography - Fun With Frequencies and Gradients, which demonstrate the unsharp masking technique ...

image-processing filters gaussian-kernel  
asked by today 1 vote
answered by Royi 0 votes
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