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Top new questions this week:

Is there a way to compute the spectrum effect of a non-linear function?

I'm interested in developing audio software. I've read the books by Will Pirkle and there's something I'm struggling to understand about how non-linear functions affect the frequency spectrum of a ...

audio nyquist non-linear  
user avatar asked by U62 Score of 5
user avatar answered by Hilmar Score of 7

Can we detect WiFi from Spectrograms using signal processing?

I'm looking for some suggestions on detecting wifi using spectrograms (abs magnitude only) . My project involves a wifi driver which outputs a spectrogram whenever it scans the channel . Can we use ...

signal-analysis power-spectral-density signal-detection  
user avatar asked by Aryan Score of 4

Tuning Active Power Factor Correction converter works in Simulink, but having trouble achieving the same in DPS

I am trying to tune the Active PF Correction converter current and voltage loop to get a sinusoidal input current. I can get to a voltage reference, but the current looks like this. Reading the ...

control-systems control  
user avatar asked by mikebuba Score of 2
user avatar answered by Ben Score of 2

How to Find "pitch" from Fourier Series

The end goal of my project is to create an autotune program, But the problem I'm trying to solve right now concerns finding the pitch of someone singing a note. I have written some code that performs ...

fourier-transform audio fourier-series  
user avatar asked by BigChungus443 Score of 2
user avatar answered by Hilmar Score of 4

Need help with DTFT problem

Prepping for exam and this is one of the practice problems: I just want some clarification on some of the steps my professor took. This is the answer in the answer sheet Only thing I dont understand ...

discrete-signals fourier-transform frequency-domain  
user avatar asked by dnimatullo Score of 2
user avatar answered by Gillespie Score of 0

In time series analysis, is taking a multi-period difference equivalent to a band-pass filter?

For time series, a simple high-pass filter is obtained by subtracting the previous value from each value: $y(n) = x(n) - x(n-1)$ If I take a multi-period difference: $y(n) = x(n) - x(n - a)$ where $a &...

filters frequency-response time-series  
user avatar asked by HAL Score of 2
user avatar answered by Jdip Score of 7

Doubts about digital signal processing methodology

Disclaimer: I'm a beginner at all of this. I am working with vibration data from accelerometers recorded at a sampling rate of 1600 Hz and the vibrations are induced by a source within the range of 20-...

fft bandpass  
user avatar asked by Teja Jupudi Score of 2
user avatar answered by TimWescott Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is a linear phase important?

If symmetry conditions are met, FIR filters have a linear phase. This is not true for IIR filters. However, for what applications is it bad to apply filters that do not have this property and what ...

filters filter-design finite-impulse-response  
user avatar asked by The Pheromone Kid Score of 30
user avatar answered by AndyW Score of 27

Why should I zero-pad a signal before taking the Fourier transform?

In an answer to a previous question, it was stated that one should zero-pad the input signals (add zeros to the end so that at least half of the wave is "blank") What's the reason for this?

fft zero-padding  
user avatar asked by Jonas Score of 96
user avatar answered by hotpaw2 Score of 99

Simplest way of detecting where audio envelopes start and stop

Below is a signal which represents a recording of someone talking. I would like to create a series of smaller audio signals based on this. The idea being to detect when 'important' sound starts and ...

filters audio filter-design  
user avatar asked by Eric Brotto Score of 47
user avatar answered by Phonon Score of 28

What is the physical meaning of the convolution of two signals?

If we convolve 2 signals we get a third signal. What does this third signal represent in relation to the input signals?

user avatar asked by Parag Score of 62
user avatar answered by Jason R Score of 44

Meaning of Hilbert Transform

I understand the Fourier Transform which is a mathematical operation that lets you see the frequency content of a given signal. But now, in my comm. course, the professor introduced the Hilbert ...

signal-analysis hilbert-transform  
user avatar asked by MathieuL Score of 57
user avatar answered by jojek Score of 47

How many taps does an FIR filter need?

I am looking to design a set of FIR filters to implement a low pass filter. I am also trying to reduce the latency of the signal through the filter so I am wondering what the minimum number of taps I ...

filters filter-design digital-filters  
user avatar asked by Tommy Score of 25

Apply Low pass Butterworth filter in Python

I want to use a low pass Butterworth filter on my data but on applying the filter I don't get the intended signal. Here is the dummy code: Signal A: ...

fft filters python lowpass-filter  
user avatar asked by Haroon Lone Score of 9
user avatar answered by jojek Score of 10

Can you answer these questions?

What will happen when we reverse an analysis/synthesis system?

Suppose that we have four filters $H_0(z), H_1(z), F_0(z),$ and $F_1(z)$ forming a classic perfect-reconstruction 2-channel filter bank: Will the perfect reconstruction still be achieved if we ...

aliasing reconstruction filter-bank  
user avatar asked by WilliamW Score of 1
user avatar answered by Bob Score of 0

Removing once per revolution variation from data

I’m looking for help to find a robust technique to remove a once per revolution variation in some vehicle test data. The data is collected by driving a vehicle around a circular path at increasing ...

user avatar asked by Simon Aldworth Score of 2
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