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Top new questions this week:

When concatenating sine waves, how do I phase shift in order to prevent "pops" caused by sudden jumps in amplitude?

I'm writing a synthesizer using numpy and python. I've run into a problem where concatenating sine waves causes 'pops' or 'clicks' when they are outputted to audio, say, via ...

python phase amplitude numpy  
asked by Tim Score of 15
answered by Dan Boschen Score of 22

Stanford EE 261 HW6 Q1 - Sampling below Nyquist Rate

The problem (taken from here) asks for possible sampling rates that will not cause aliasing in the following frequency spectrum: The range of possible values after some math is given as $B_2 < f_s ...

fourier-transform frequency-spectrum sampling nyquist aliasing  
asked by Abundance Score of 4
answered by Matt L. Score of 4

Down-sampling a signal after convolution

I was trying to understand more about image compression using the Wavelet transform and I got quite confused about the down-sampling step. I took a picture from here for reference: At each step a ...

filters wavelet  
asked by Zacky Score of 3

Why don't unit circle poles lead to infinite amplitude response for Butterworth lowpass?

This is probably a very stupid question. In many places (e.g. here), the Butterworth filters, e.g. lowpass, are described as being "allpole" filters, that have all of these poles on the unit ...

filters frequency-response digital-filters poles-zeros butterworth  
asked by tobalt Score of 2
answered by TimWescott Score of 6

Specify notch bandwidth by pole placement

I am trying to implement a notch filter by placing zeros and poles. I found in this thread how to specify the frequency to be filtered out (referred to as $\omega_n$ in previous link,) but it is not ...

digital-filters bandwidth poles-zeros  
asked by aheuchamps Score of 2
answered by Dan Boschen Score of 4

How many dimensions is a RGB image?

I first thought it would be 3 dimensions (one for R, one for G, one for B). However what about the width and height? More a physics/image processing question I think. So, I have a few possible answers ...

asked by Jacob C Score of 2
answered by MBaz Score of 1

Why I am having phase difference between original and reconstructed signal in this simulink model?How can i remove it?

I am trying to implement sampling and reconstruction using simulink and as far amplitude(magnitude) values are concerned ,i have exactly same values but there appears phase shift when i try to see ...

matlab reconstruction simulink  
asked by engr Score of 1
answered by Ben Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why so many methods of computing PSD?

Welch's method has been my go-to algorithm for computing power spectral density (PSD) of evenly-sampled timeseries. I noticed that there are many other methods for computing PSD. For example, in ...

frequency-spectrum power-spectral-density  
asked by nibot Score of 65
answered by Bryan Score of 81

What is meant by a system's "impulse response" and "frequency response?"

Can anyone state the difference between frequency response and impulse response in simple English?

frequency impulse-response linear-systems frequency-response  
asked by Ant's Score of 80
answered by Jason R Score of 155

Calculate symbol rate for QAM modulation

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, feel free to move it if any other site suits this better. Anyway I am referring to QAM modulation used in US Cable TV. I know it comes under Annex B which ...

modulation channelcoding  
asked by bobby Score of 3

What does frequency domain denote in case of images?

I was just learning about the frequency domain in images. I can understand the frequency spectrum in case of waves. It denotes what frequencies are present in a wave. If we draw the frequency ...

image-processing frequency-spectrum dft  
asked by Abid Rahman K Score of 125
answered by Niki Estner Score of 105

How to get the FFT of a sine wave

I am trying to sample a sine wave and plot it's frequency components, but I am having problems implementing it.The result of taking 65536 samples of one cycle of a sine wave with max amplitude 1 and a ...

matlab fft  
asked by KillaKem Score of 4
answered by Ryan Johnson Score of 7

Step by Step Camera Pose Estimation for Visual Tracking and Planar Markers

I have been working on the topic of camera pose estimation for augmented reality and visual tracking applications for a while and I think that although there is a lot of detailed information on the ...

computer-vision homography camera-pose visual-tracking  
asked by Jav_Rock Score of 24
answered by Jav_Rock Score of 21

How to compute magnitude and phase response from transfer function in Z-domain?

I have a transfer function $$H(z)=\frac{1+1.2z^{-1}+0.8z^{z^-2}}{1-0.9z^{-1}}$$ from which I'm supposed to sketch the magnitude and phase response. I know that you can transform $z=e^{j\omega}$ to get ...

phase infinite-impulse-response transfer-function z-transform magnitude  
asked by markus Score of 3
answered by Hilmi Score of 3

Can you answer these questions?

Labels in speaker verification

I'm a beginner. If I am using a Convolutional Neural Networks with Triplet Loss as a loss function (also combined with GAN and a Classifier) for building a model that performs Speaker Verification, ...

python convolution homework deep-learning  
asked by yba Score of 1

What is the value expected on the voltmeter display

I am a complete beginner and i had some problems figuring out what i had to do to solve this. I apologize in advance for not putting the proper tags but i didnt know what to put in there or if even if ...

asked by Ani Lici Score of 1
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