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How can I generate a sine wave with time varying frequency that is continuous, in C?

How can I generate a sine wave with time varying frequency that is continuous? How can I resolve the following problem? I want a continuous graph. I'm generating this simply like this: for(int i = ...

asked by deltafft 10 votes
answered by ederwander 13 votes

Oscillations in a first-order discrete-time linear systems

According to my understanding, continuous first order systems do not exhibit oscillatory behavior because a first order system has only one energy storage element and thus oscillation is not possible. ...

discrete-signals linear-systems stability  
asked by HaneenSu 6 votes
answered by Matt L. 5 votes

Real time numerical differentiation of signals

I am trying to implement a PID controller in Python and I am having some problems with real time numerical differentiation of my my discrete signal. I am using the following method: ...

real-time pid  
asked by BigZee 3 votes
answered by Richard Lyons 5 votes

How we can quantize a sampled signal in MATLAB?

I have a continuous time signal $x(t)=\sin(2πft)$ where $0 \leq t \leq 3$. I want to sample the continuous time signal and then quantize that sampled signal and then plot both sampled and quantized ...

matlab quantization adc  
asked by abtj 2 votes
answered by ambitiose_sed_ineptum 4 votes

Trouble checking if a given difference equation corresponds to an LTI System

I'm having trouble on how to check if a given difference equation corresponds to an LTI system. For instance, I've learned how to show a system is LTI given an explicit statement of the input and ...

asked by Nick Yarn 1 vote

Phase delay between two signal using FFT

I am working in calculating the phase delay between two signals. The signals are sent through the same transmitter and received in two different receivers. They have many frequencies, but with a ...

asked by Meleth 1 vote
answered by Albert Crilic 1 vote

Cascaded One-Zero Filter IR

given the one-zero digital filter, $$y[n] = x[n]\cdot \frac{1}{2} + x[n-1] \cdot \frac{1}{2}$$ Which has the transfer function: $$H(z) = (1+z^{-1})\cdot \frac{1}{2}$$ and taking $M$ of these ...

asked by Patrik Lechner 1 vote
answered by Matt L. 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Calculating values of frequency bins in Python

I have to use FFT to determine the period of waves inside a signal. After applying FFT on a window of 10000 point from a signal, I get something like this: What I don't understand is that FFT is ...

fft frequency python scipy  
asked by Hamza Tahiri 5 votes

Why is a linear phase important?

If symmetry conditions are met, FIR filters have a linear phase. This is not true for IIR filters. However, for what applications is it bad to apply filters that do not have this property and what ...

filters filter-design fir  
asked by The Pheromone Kid 16 votes
answered by AndyW 17 votes

Meaning of Hilbert Transform

I understand the Fourier Transform which is a mathematical operation that lets you see the frequency content of a given signal. But now, in my comm. course, the professor introduced the Hilbert ...

signal-analysis hilbert-transform  
asked by MathieuL 40 votes
answered by jojek 33 votes

What is the true meaning of a minimum phase system?

What is the true meaning of a minimum phase system? Reading the Wikipedia article and Oppenheim is some help, in that, we understand that for an LTI system, minimum phase means the inverse is causal ...

filters filter-design  
asked by TheGrapeBeyond 30 votes
answered by hotpaw2 20 votes

Understanding the Matched Filter

I have a question about matched filtering. Does the matched filter maximise the SNR at the moment of decision only? As far as I understand, if you put, say, NRZ through a matched filter, the SNR ...

filters digital-communications matched-filter  
asked by user968243 31 votes
answered by Dilip Sarwate 50 votes

Removing noisy lines from image - opencv - python

I want to process different type of image to extract actual text from noisy image .I am using open cv to do this job it is working fine but the problem is I need to set different lower threshold to ...

image-processing python opencv  
asked by Jeya Kumar 4 votes
answered by HKhoshdel 3 votes

what's the pass band ripple and stop band attenuation of a digital filter?

Hi i'm a beginner in signal processing i want to know what'sthe pass band ripple and stop band attenuation of a digital filter ? Thanks.

filters digital  
asked by afef 4 votes
answered by Dan Boschen 8 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Quantifying the frequency shift of a delay with LP filtered feedback

I am working at a Karplus-Strong sound synthesis technique where an excitation impulse is subjected to a delay with feedback and a one pole LP filter in the feedback line. The process is simply ...

delay feedback damping  
asked by elena 1 vote

Can LiDaR be used for volume measurement?

I need to measure volume with LiDaRs. However, they seem to only capture the surface of an object. More precisely, the surface that is seen by the sensor. Therefore, the cloud point data that it ...

asked by Lucas Zanella 1 vote

Estimate instantaneous frequency using LMS algorithm - optimization

I hope someone can help me with the following problem: I want to estimate the frequency of a soundfile that is composed of a sinusoid with varying frequency and additive white noise: $x[n] = ...

discrete-signals adaptive-filters optimization adaptive-algorithms linear-prediction  
asked by Phinie 1 vote
answered by AnonSubmitter85 0 votes
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