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Top new questions this week:

Seeking recommended literature search terms for a soltions to a specific kind of multi-signal structure

Hopefully this isn't considered too off-topic. I'm working in industry these days and came up with a solution to a signal processing problem we'd been facing. I'd like to get a sense as to whether ...

filters time-series  
asked by Mike Lawrence 4 votes
answered by Royi 3 votes

How to do Frequency Scaling on an Audio File

Please excuse me if my terminology is wrong. I'm from a music production background and have no experience in signal processing. I was wondering if it was possible to stretch out the overtones ...

fourier-transform audio frequency-spectrum frequency audio-processing  
asked by ab97 3 votes
answered by V.V.T 1 vote

FFT result of windowed cosine function

The frequency spectrum of cosine function is as below. While adopting a square window function to the cosine function, it is same as implementing convolution of their frequency spectrum as below. The ...

frequency-spectrum window-functions  
asked by Jacksonlee19910408 3 votes
answered by m-sh-shokouhi 2 votes

Digital filter coefficients from low-pass to high-pass

Given I have coefficients a0, a1, a2, b1, and b2, defining the difference equation for a digital filter as: y[n] = a0 * x[n] + a1 * x[n - 1] + a2 * x[n - 2] - b1 * y[n - 1] - b2 * y[n - 2] Which ...

filters discrete-signals filter-design transfer-function digital-filters  
asked by user2649681 3 votes
answered by Matt L. 6 votes

Strange behavior in fixed-point FFT

This is a problem I encountered some time ago while doing my thesis, which still now, I am not sure to understand. By then, I was implementing the circular correlation in an FPGA using this Xilinx FFT ...

fft cross-correlation fixed-point  
asked by danipascual 2 votes

Confusion understanding digital signal processor?

I am reading wikipedia article about digital signal processor and as shown in end of attached snapshot ." Most general-purpose microprocessors can also execute digital signal processing ...

dsp-core real-time terminology embedded-systems  
asked by Man 2 votes
answered by V.V.T 2 votes

Frame lookup using audio

I'm an animator trying to get a program that will use machine learning to automate the lip syncing process. The program I need made will have two files given to it: a seed, and an audio file. The seed ...

speech-processing speech-recognition audio-processing video-processing  
asked by dsp101 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Intuitive explanation of cross-correlation in frequency domain

According to the cross-correlation theorem : the cross-correlation between two signals is equal to the product of fourier transform of one signal multiplied by complex conjugate of fourier transform ...

fft fourier-transform dsp-core ifft  
asked by silver surfer 13 votes
answered by Jason R 11 votes

What is the physical significance of negative frequencies?

This has been one of the holes in my cheddar cheese block of understanding DSP, so what is the physical interpretation of having a negative frequency? If you have a physical tone at some frequency ...

asked by Spacey 91 votes
answered by Spacey -4 votes

dB/hz to dB Conversion

I'm have a PSD graph of dB/hz vs. frequency in hz. I want to convert the dB/hz unit to dB, but I can't find any way of doing it. Help would be much appreciated!

fft power-spectral-density acoustics conversion  
asked by clarice 1 vote

How to implement a moving average in C without a buffer?

Is it possible to implement a moving average in C without the need for a window of samples? I've found that I can optimize a bit, by choosing a window size that's a power of two to allow for ...

c moving-average  
asked by tarabyte 5 votes
answered by Matt L. 9 votes

Calculate symbol rate for QAM modulation

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, feel free to move it if any other site suits this better. Anyway I am referring to QAM modulation used in US Cable TV. I know it comes under Annex B which ...

modulation channelcoding  
asked by bobby 3 votes
answered by Jim Clay 7 votes

Power spectral density vs Energy spectral density

I read the following on Wikipedia: Power spectral density: The above definition of energy spectral density is most suitable for transients, i.e., pulse-like signals, for which the Fourier ...

asked by Amelio Vazquez-Reina 10 votes
answered by kaka 2 votes

Why is circular convolution used in DSP? Why not linear convolution?

Why are we using circular convolution in DSP? What's the main solid reason for the use of it in digital processing? Why does the concept of circular convolution come more often than linear ...

asked by vishaln 10 votes
answered by Fat32 9 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How to create a single variable describing these peaks?

First, I would like to point out that I am a complete outsider to the field of signal processing, so please bear with me and go easy on the jargon :) I nevertheless decided to post here, because I ...

asked by Rumi P. 1 vote

Order of operations when creating a spectrogram

Signals noob here! I'm dipping my toes into your world by trying to recreate the Shazam algorithm, and I have a quick practical question: When creating a spectrogram, is it better to take in a whole ...

audio spectrogram audio-processing  
asked by rocksNwaves 1 vote

Differential Encoding for M-PSK

Confused about a few topics w.r.t. differential encoding/decoding. First, consider the below BER curve taken from wikipedia ( ) comparing BPSK/QPSK and ...

matlab digital-communications snr qpsk coding  
asked by user67081 1 vote
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